White truffle cream - Natura tartufi

Place of Origin

"Motovun Forest" of narrow-leaved ash and pedunculate oak with pendulous sedge

(As. Carici pendulae-Fraxinetum angustifoliae Pedrotti 1970)

This well-known relict forest is situated in the valley of the river Mirna in Istria. It is conditioned by hydrological-edaphic factors. The valley of the river Mirna is covered with alluvial and colluvial sediments of predominantly carbonate flysch origin, which supports partially hydromeliorated soils: amphigley, hypogley, semigley and pseudogley. The tree layer is alternately dominated by Quercus robur, Fraxinus angustifolia and Carpinus betulus, whereas Ulmus carpinifolia is less common. The layer of low vegetation contains species of wet lowland forests. More elevated sites are inhabited by the species of dry terrains from the surrounding forests. The stands of this community have exceptional ecological, aesthetic and recreational values, so silvicultural treatments should only be geared to their regeneration and preservation of stability. Motovun Forest is endangered by possible changes in the water regime. Past regulations and drainage treatments have had a regressive effect on this site type and have occasioned the occurrence of plants od drier terrains. Source: Vukelić, J. etal. 2008: Forest Sites and Forest Communities in Croatia. National Ecological Network, State Institute for Nature Protection, Zagreb.