Work lines

Strategic planning is a process through which a group of Model Forest stakeholders defines a unique vision for sustainable landscape management and develops a plan for achieving that vision.

Strategic planning helps in the efficient aiming of energy and resources, ensuring that stakeholders’ work is directed towards the same goals. Also, during the years, it helps to assess the proper course of action, as response to environmental changes, and it ensures consistency.

“Strategic approach” means to clearly define what the stakeholders want to achieve. It is important to recognize the challenges which will be encountered on the way of achieving the objectives, to know what their resources are and to include all those elements in an efficient approach.


In the Model Forest territory we are trying to achieve the sustainable management of forest and the Mirna River, in order to encourage economic activities related to valorisation of forest and agricultural resources with the promotion of cultural and natural values of this area.


The activities of the Model Forest are based on an open and responsible cooperation between partners whose interests and needs are different, but they are united with a wish to contribute to economic, social and environmental well-being of the area where they live and work.

Model Forest "River Mirna Basin" Strategic Plan